Logo Design

We specialize in corporate branding. Since we have been in business we have created over 1,000+ logos!

Publication Design

Creating iconic representations of your business is what Typiconica does best. Our publicaitons and logos are attractive, recognizable, and universal across a wide array of multiple formats.

Graphic Design

In addition to assisting your organization with its identity, Typiconica also assists with the creation and production of your printed media. Let Typiconica dazzle your critics.

Interface Design

A quality website or user interface can provide you with the best method to showcase an identity and attract customers to your business's brand. We work with web designers to ensure your product's quality.

We Deliver A Peace of Creativity

Since the introduction of the Macintosh computer in 1984, there has been a hand full of graphic designers who have continuously sought to invigorate an ever changing field. Just as these designers began to embrace a new landscape and pioneer "new and exciting" solutions within the realm of design, there are others who remain in obscurity. While working hard from a simple workspace and humble beginnings, the staff at Typiconica continues to breathe life into fresh and innovative ideas as graphic designers did generations ago. By following the examples of "tried and proven" design methods Typiconica stands to embody the notion of "visual harmony" in every work produced. As we all continue forward into an unforeseeable future, know that Typiconica will forever offer security from the repetition of ambiguous design. Call 334.221.3739 for a consultation on your next project.